Chalet – Chalet O Amorzinho

The history behind

The Chalet O Amorzinho (in English, the Sweetheart) is a centennial property, located in Azenhas do Mar, one of the most beautiful villages in Portugal.
Its construction dates back to 1910, with an architecture that transports the visitor to a Romantic Sintra – where art deco remarks stand out, revealing an architectural and decorative quality with a simple façade enriched with bush-hammered masonry, the sills, the pillar of the covered porch in bush-hammered stone and the artist Abel Reis Santos’s tile pane that represent the true essence of this villa.

The property consists of a newly rebuilt and decorated Chalet and the House of Falésia. The decoration is inspired by maritime and nautical motifs, with several decorative pieces harmonized with this theme.

The House of Falésia has common rooms. The navigators’ room complements the maritime decoration, with a game table, television and various sofas; and the caravel room is the dining room where breakfast is served. All stays include a continental breakfast with some sweet treats traditional from Sintra, being served either in the dining area or in the lodgings for greater privacy. A daily cleaning of the rooms is included throughout the stay.

One of the most exuberant common areas is the four-level garden: on level 1 there is a rock garden with native plants from the Sintra area completing the parking lot area; on level 0 we have a heated pool (seasonal) with jets where you can relax whith an endless view over the ocean; in level -1, the continuation of the native plants and rock garden, as well as an area of relaxation with chairs towards the outlook of the sea. At level -2 there is a decorative star shaped lake. Through this level of the garden it is possible to have access to the cliff by the sea.

The property consists of a large lot overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, making it a local privilege for weekend retreats or even a retreat for deep meditations.
In our services we highlight a personalized service to all clients.

It should be noted that the Chalet is located in the place of passage of some of the most interesting trails of Sintra, along with the main beaches of Sintra: Praia Grande, Praia das Maçãs, Magoito beach, among many others.